Hello, my name is Stijn aka Anubis Acrylics.
I am 40 years old and live in Belgium with my 2 husky's Cleo and Happy.
My story of becoming an artist begins in January 2022, when i joined the Cardano Community and specifically the CardanoProxies CNFT Project.
After I had my 3rd shot of Covid vaccine, I got problems with my health. After a checkup in the hospital it turned out to be due to stress.
On the discord of CardanoProxies someone of the team suggested me to try painting as stress relief.
I was like, I never painted before, I can't even draw anything.
They told me to try abstract and just give it a shot.
That's when I started searching abstract painting on YouTube and came across Acrylic Pourpainting and i was so mesmerized by the process.
At that moment, I decided that i wanted to know more!
After a lot of hours watching these video's, I decided to give it a try.
It was so messy but so much fun!
I felt my heart rate go down and was much calmer then normal.
I loved it so much so I kept doing it every weekend with this website as a result.
I really want to thank Cardano Proxies community for all the support and Rich aka Ada Dolphin for giving me the last push i needed.
You guys changed my life!

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